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03/31/24 06:33 PM #1805    


Shirley Kennedy (Adams)

Sharon Tate was a year ahead of me.  She was a junior in 1961.  That is the only year that she attended.  Marty was in the same class.  I always will remember her by her pony tail, sweaters and peter pan collars.  The boys were always crazy about her.  I remember slave day, everyone tried to outbid each other for her to be their slave.

03/31/24 06:34 PM #1806    


Shirley Kennedy (Adams)

Oh, and hope that everyone had a Happy Easter.

04/03/24 10:03 PM #1807    


Jim Dunlap

Milestone for you, Mr. Henderson.  Long article in today's WSJ about The Tropicana being torn down to be replaced by a sports stadium.  007 staying there was mentioned and not long ago I bought the complete set of James Bond movies.  I'm watching the movies in number order and one of the early movies I've watched so far was the one involving Las Vegas and The Tropicana.  Time marches on....

04/04/24 12:31 AM #1808    


Klaus Hille

Interesting to watch before Monday, April 8.

Great American Eclipse | Full Documentary | NOVA | PBS

04/04/24 06:35 AM #1809    


Dolores Wheless (Turner)

We are right in the path here in Kerrville.  Expecting over 100,000 people to come to our town to watch the eclipse.  Kerrville Emergency services have been planning for this for over a year.  We plan on staying in and watching from our place until everyone leaves.  Traffic will be crazy here for a few days but excited to see it.

04/04/24 11:11 AM #1810    

Robert James. (Bob) Waller

Dolores.......when did you move to Kerrville?  My wife and I lived there from 2001 until we retired in 2020.  I was the Market Executive for four Broadway Bank branches in the Hill Country.

Bob Waller

04/04/24 02:38 PM #1811    


Clark W. Schadle

My brother Al ( class of 64 and I just complete a road trip in truck pulling a 17 foot trailer from Phoenix to Palmer Alaska. It was 3600 miles and we averaged 600 miles a day and completed the trip in 6 days. We had super weather saw lots of wild life and had wonderful time together.  We only crack the front and side windshield due truck throwing gravel off the road.  When this picture was taken we were listening to Dwight Yoakam sing "we are a thousand miles from nowhere" we were on a 318 mile stretchin the Yukon Territory of Canada with no services.  we had to carry extra fuel.

04/04/24 11:25 PM #1812    


Klaus Hille

Clark, you mean you didn't just put wings and a prop on that trailer to fly it to Alaska? Sounds like you had a fun trip anyway. 

04/05/24 06:37 AM #1813    


Dolores Wheless (Turner)

Hi Bob we moved here in 2017.  Our daughter Dana Turner Dunagan has lived her for about 30 years.  She is a special needs educator in Early Childhood here in Kerrville.  We lived in Georgetown, TX when we moved here.  She had been wanting us to move here when we retired.  You may have known her.  I was born in Austin, TX and lived there until my frehaman year when we moved to El Paso.  From there we moved to Lubbock and that is where my husband and I were married.  We lived there for about 5 years and then we moved back to Austin where he went to work for IBM.  I didn't work until the kids were in middle school and then I reitred from Austin independent School District as an Admin. Then went to work for computer staffing company and eventually was hired at IBM and then we decided to retire and travel.  Where do you live now?  

04/05/24 06:39 AM #1814    


Dolores Wheless (Turner)

Clark, sound like a wonderful trip.  Glad ya'll had a good time and a safe trip.  Lots of memories made I am sure.

04/06/24 05:52 PM #1815    


Jerry Barrett

Hi Dolores.

I worked for IBM in Ausin from 1970-2008. What is your husband's name, and what part of IBM did he work in?

04/07/24 06:25 AM #1816    


Dolores Wheless (Turner)

Lynn Turner, he started out on the line I think in 1969 and then was in Accounting for several years and retired in Purchasing.  He retired and took the last buy out in 1995 or 96.

04/08/24 11:07 PM #1817    


Jerry Barrett

Lynn Turner - hmm that name is vaguely familiar. I worked with a few/not many purchasing agents in my job as a product development engineer.

04/09/24 12:22 PM #1818    


Dolores Wheless (Turner)

Well IBM was a pretty big place.  I only worked there as a contractor and later as supplemental. We went to Church with some engineers, Bill Morse, Glenn Smith and Jjim Spikes.  You might have know some of them.

04/09/24 04:44 PM #1819    


Richard W. Henderson

My uncle Carl Henderson worked for IBM.  The only other job that he ever had was with the U.S. Army when he worked on the project called ENIAC  (spelling). I never really knew the man and can only recall seeing him three times in my life. 

One more piece of useless information from the peanut gallery.

God bless and be safe.

04/10/24 08:43 AM #1820    


Jerry Barrett

IBM Austin was a big place for many years, employing nearly 12,000 employees and contractors in its heyday. I did know and worked with Jim Spikes for many years. He passed away May, 2023.

I worked for IBM in Austin for 37 1/2 years. I started there June 1, 1970, two days after I graduated from UTEP. It was a great place to work. I have many fond memories and continue to have friends. A group of us retirees still meet for a monthly breakfast, averaging about 20 people each time.

04/10/24 01:29 PM #1821    


Dolores Wheless (Turner)

Yes we knew about Jims passing.  Don't know if his wife is still in Georgetown now are not.  They moved to Sun City in Georgetown a few years ago and I assume she is still there.  We had already moved form Georgetown to Kerrville at that time.  My husband gets the IBM retirees notes which lets us know when someone passes.  Small world isn't it.  Who would have ever thought we both are Irvin graduates and both were in Austin at the same time and never knew.  IBM used to have the best family days at their park, and the Christmas parties for the kids and the adult  Christmas parties .  Sure changed over the years.  They were good to us and my husband traveled alot in the last few years but he was ready to reitre and for us to  travel which we did.  

05/06/24 02:55 PM #1822    


Richard W. Henderson

Close call...Just spent three days in the ICU. One day at the V.A. hospital and then at three in the morning, I got my very first ride in an ambulance to to the hospital at Nellis Air Force Base for two more days in their ICU. They removed a one and one half inch (1 1/2") diameter gall stone. I'm home now and trying to figure out what I can and cannot eat. I lost 22 pounds so far (I needed that anyway). I had no warning until about four hours before I went to the hospital and when I did get a warning, it was very insistant (painful) I can tell you this, the medical staff at both hospitals are the very best and I am so glad of that. Their skill, dedication and attitude are awe inspiring.

After a month long bout with shingles, this was not expected, nor needed. The next person that talks about the glory of getting old will likely get a mouthful of knuckles

Anyway, I'm still here and I owe a bunch of folks a boat load of thanks.

 God bless and be safe..

05/07/24 06:23 AM #1823    


Dolores Wheless (Turner)

Glad you are ok and prayers for quick healing. 

05/07/24 03:37 PM #1824    


Shirley Kennedy (Adams)

Glad you are doing better.  Praying for quick healing.  No the golden years are not what they are made up to be, only thing golden is the urine.  I am currently going through a barage of tests to find out what the problem is that I am having.  Going in for a CT scan with contrast, if my kidney creatine is good enough.  

Also, on top of everything else, I was having severe dizzy spells, which was discovered to be rocks in my head:  there is a part of the ear which has crystals and sometimes gets in another area of the ear and really causes bad dizziness.  Walked like, I imagine, like a drunken sailor.  I was given some exercises to do and after a week, it has cleared up; the next alternative if that didn't work, a therapist.  

Amazing as we get older, the things that come up with new names for the ailments.

05/08/24 09:01 AM #1825    


Dolores Wheless (Turner)

Of goodness I totally agree.  But we have a lot to be thankful for as well.  Never thought I would live to be a great grandma but I have 5.  The aches and pains seems to pop up more each year.  Good to know we can pray for each other.  Hope all  your tests turn out good and they get the problem solved.

05/08/24 03:49 PM #1826    


Shirley Kennedy (Adams)

Thanks Delores.  It is the unknowing that is stressful.  

I have 9 great grandkids, actually 6 are mine, three are inherited from former marriage of her husband.

05/09/24 12:30 AM #1827    


Jim Dunlap

Yikes, sounds terrible, Mr. Richard.  You are supposed to be a volunteer at the VA, not a patient.  I looked on-line about gallstones and still don't understand why.  Why??  Trust that you are fully recovered and totally better.

05/09/24 01:07 PM #1828    


Richard W. Henderson

Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers. I'm not supposed to lift over 20 pounds for a month but i'm starting to get my energy back and I'm in no pain at all. I would not wish that on anyone. Trying to figure out what you can and cannot eat is "different" though.

When I do my "shift" at the V.A. hospital I am reminded how fortunate I really am for my good health. On my last shift I did before this gall stone event, a young female army vet came up to the counter to ask for directions. She was friendly, out-going and very cheerful. I gave her directions to the eye clinic, she thanked me and walked away. Then I noticed that she only had one leg. It makes you want to cry. And you thank the Lord for your many blessings.

By the way, Connie and I have three children, nine grandchildren, and ten great-grandchildren. We start buying for Christmas in March.

Again thanks for your concerns.

God bless and be safe.

05/10/24 09:16 AM #1829    


Jerry Barrett

Alan Van Velkinburgh is hosting an Irvin all 60s classes mini-reuinion at his home in Cypress (Bridgeland), TX (NW of Houston) on September 14. Details are in the information below. If you plan to attend, please respond by June 1 at his email address below or via a text message to him.

ATTENTION CLASS OF 1968 and Classes from the 1960's

Back in June 2019 several of us attended a Mini-Reunion in Houston. Gary and Mary McGarr were kind enough to host the event at their home.

Well……………………we feel it is time for another Mini and we want to let you know of our plans and gauge your interest in attending.

Our Mini Reunion event will be held Saturday, September 14th in Houston. Alan and Gayle will host the event at their home in Cypress (Bridgeland), 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

More details will follow depending on the number interested in attending. Please note that we need to know the total number of attendees by June 1, 2024. You can reply/respond to the names and numbers below.

This will be a wonderful opportunity to catch up with classmates and friends. And we want to invite everyone from all classes who attended Irvin in the 1960s.

Wow, 56 years since we graduated, and September is a great month to hold a Mini. If you recall, school used to start in September, after Labor Day.

Please reply to:

Alan Van Velkinburgh: or text at 281-802-0226

Gary McGarr: or text at 713-907-9401

Karla Onick: or text at 915-355-9285

Hope to see all of you soon!

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