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Class of '63 Reunion Group Photo taken on October 19, 2013, in the Wyndham Hotel, El Paso, Texas.


1: Heide (Savage) Aguilar, Lee and Carole (Lindquist) Bossert, Sharon (Bissell) Fearnow, Rosemary Newth, Judy (Thorpe) Shepherd, Susie (Conn) Skuravy, Linda (Oatman) Cox, Gwen (Dillon) McLaurin, Mary (Murray) Orella, Patty (Laugherty) Coberly, Mary (Cushing) McKenzie, Deen (Whitworth) Underwood, Linda (Thompson) Harris, Jolly (Hupfer) Wellens

2: Anne (Wasser) Wicklund, Katherine Papp, Corlea (Haren) Plowman, Ernie Jiron, Mike Dickson, Donald Kendall Jr., Darrell Paulk, Jimmie Vaughn, Sandra (Bolling) Kretzschmar, Uta von Buttlar, Sylvia (Fernandez) LaFoy, Sam Rhoades, Jim Anderson, Mike Feldberg, Gayle (Thompson) Dollarhide, Dennis Larson

3: Rob Swennes, Jim Dunlap, Dean Brown, Bill Coberly, Clive Cochran, Frank James, Richard Alsaker, Clark Schadle, Detlev Steklis, Klaus Hille, Andy Fernandez, Kent Gardner

We deeply regret that four of our classmates missed the photo shoot. Not pictured are: Sharyn Lee (Blankenship) Birckbichler, Laurie (Martin) Schwaller, Arthur McCowan and Charles W. Menear Jr.

Reunion Reflections

To the Irvin class of '63 reunion committee:
The Steklis family would like to thank the reunion committee for all the hard work and time they gave to make this reunion such a great event and experience. It is only in retrospect that I realize what a special, carefree and great time those high school years were. "Old too soon and smart too late", as the saying goes. I will always remember those years and how much fun it was to come to the reunion and reconnect with "old" friends. Best wishes to former Irvin students everywhere!
Detlev Steklis


To Carol and Lee, Klaus, Jim and Jimmie, Robert, Mike, Mary, Gayle, Sharon, and Gwen (hope I didn't forget anyone).....I want to thank and congratulate each one of you for a tremendous job resulting in a fabulous reunion. It makes my heart sing each time I reflect back on those wonderful 2+ days.  Love you all................ - Mary Cushing (McKenzie)



Hi , I am safely home. At the moment I am busy to keep our household  running, have some reclamations due to our journey. You will hear from me soon. It was wonderful to meet you all. Thank you so much for the warmly welcome to me and my husband.



Hi Uta und Klaus: Glad to read that you have arrived safely back in Hannover, and that you enjoyed your visit to the US and our reunion. Anita and I also enjoyed having you at our house. As I told our classmates, “you arrived as guests, but by the time you left you were a part of our family.” Viele Grüβe - Klaus



Uta, it was so wonderful to see you and meet your husband Klaus.  You made our reunion complete and I do so appreciate your efforts to come so far.  Please let's keep in touch. – Mary Cushing (McKenzie)  


I know that all of us echo Klaus' words.  It was really nice to see you, and I must say that the effort you made to "See the USA" was terrific.  Our (speaking for the USofA population) apologies for the fact that you had some problems seeing the National Parks while you were here.  Please stay in touch. – Jim Dunlap


Uta & Klaus, Kaus & Anita: What a wonderful time it was to spend together; I still cannot resolve the emotions I felt when I first saw you again Uta, after 50 years.  To have a friend for that long is very special and I am sorry we've not been in touch more.  I promise that shall change. I am in process of signing up for the Spanish course next January.  Don't be surprised if I sign up for Deutsch the following year! Warmest regards – Jimmie



       50 years later ... Uta and Jimmie enjoy themselves at the (Homecoming) Reunion.

                                           ... and still looking great!


 Best reunion ever. It would be hard to ever top our 50th. Great memories. LOVED the school tour! The interaction with the students was the best. They put a lot of effort into entertaining us. Thanks...students for giving us your Saturday morning. I'm sure you had your Homecoming to get ready for.  I thought I would escape the allergies in El Paso, but no!  The get-togethers … ALL of them so memorable. Except the dance. I was way too sick to attend. I was asleep before the dishes were cleared. So sorry to have missed it.


The committee went way beyond and above. It took a lot of time and effort. I can’t thank you enough. - Donna "Susie" Conn Skuravy


The Schadles would like to thank the planning committee and all of the other volunteers for a super reunion.  Well done!!  We thoroughly enjoyed everything from breakfast gatherings to the school tour (so great to have the current students interact with us) to the hospitality suite to the dinner and music (even Clark danced!!).We are enjoying the great website.  Keeps the spirit going! - Clark and Sue Schadle


To the reunion planning committee: Great job with everything!  I'm so glad I attended and have carried away many wonderful memories.  Thank you all for a job well done.  Jolly (Hupfer) Wellens  Just did the rock & roll trivia quiz (on the web site) and got 24 out of 30!  Are you grading on a curve? :-)


Not proud to admit it, but today is the first time I've checked this thread. Good stuff. The reunion opinion: great.  Kudos to the attendees, as well as our Committee.  Isn't it great to have a situation wherein the hard work pays off??!!  – Jim Dunlap


Just want to say GREAT JOB to all of the reunion planning team members.  Each of us was commenting as to how organized and enjoyable the time was.Thank you all. - Judy Thorpe


Hi everyone: I enjoyed seeing the pictures from the 50th reunion.  Some I could recognize but there are some I couldn't figure out.  If someone would tag some names to the photos I would be grateful. It looked like a great time and I wish I could have joined you. Seeing the inside of the school brought back some memories as I had forgotten what it looked like.  I am surprised to see so many people have moved away from El Paso. Blessings to all, Victor Dutro

P.S.  I hope this website continues.  I have said it before and I will say it again, Great Job!


I want to thank the Reunion Committee for a job well done.  I was extremely impressed with the entire weekend.  The tour of the school was a highlight, due to the participation of the current students in the Drama department, Band, Chorus and ROTC. The schedule was packed with exciting things to do and the hotel was a great venue.  I enjoyed every minute of the experience, especially getting the opportunity to reminisce with fellow students and friends. I almost canceled my trip due to work responsibilities, but I'm so glad I attended because it was such a rewarding experience. Thank you for the memories!!! - Darrell Paulk


From the Class of ’62 web site: CLASSY REUNION FOR '63. The Class of 1963 pulled out all the stops at their 50th Reunion Oct. 18-20. They already have zillions of photos posted on their website.  The site also includes the script for a play written and performed by Irvin's Drama students especially for their class. Check out their website for details. Thanks for a great time


Thanks a million to the 50th reunion organizers for doing such a great job and making the reunion fun, easy, and fulfilling for all the attendees.  So glad we got to see so many smiling faces and hear a bit about how our classmates have spent their last 50 (50!!!) years. – Laurie Martin (Schwaller)


Just finished looking at all the photos posted by Klaus. What a wonderful job you (and Linda Oatman) did in capturing some candid shots of all of us. Thank you so much for taking time to get all these together and put them out there for all of us to enjoy. They have already brought back wonderful memories. Bill and I really enjoyed connecting with friends we knew and especially connecting with those we really didn't know way back then and discovering what wonderful people you all are. Loved the school tour and left with a nice impression of Irvin.  Thanks to all of you who worked so hard and gave up so much of your time to make this a very special weekend.  Patty & Bill Coberly sending lots of love


So great to read about the reunion that we missed...  Interesting to see what everyone is up to and involved in... Thanks to all who put the reunion together... maybe next time! – Vivian Inez Clapp Falzetti


Just wanted to take a minute and thank the planning committee for the outstanding work you all did. It was really a pleasure to see all of the former classmates.  My wife, Kathy, was very impressed with the many accomplishments that so many had achieved. – Robert Andrew “Andy” Fernandez


This has been a difficult couple of years for me and my family. I am grateful for the opportunity to attend this reunion which made me feel reconnected with my "family" - thank you all. - Anne Wasser (Wicklund)

I'd like to add that your note confirms the impression I have from the reunion. In my opinion, most, if not all, who attended the event had a very happy experience. We're in the process now of assembling a memory book, using photos form the reunion and profile pages, and profile information. Hopefully this will help make the memories last. We will also continue our web site as a means for everyone to stay connected. Thank you for your note, and best wishes for a happy future for you and your family. - Klaus


I want to thank you for all your work for the reunion, which was really impressive and so much fun. = Ruona Bertaccini


... and the cards, letters and compliments just keep coming!