In Memory

Howard Harmon Brokate Jr.

A great friend at Magoffin Junior High and then at Irvin. Howard came back after college and taught in the El Paso school system until his death. 

"Rob" Swennes

Howard passed away on June 22, 1994, in El Paso, Texas. During our senior year at Irvin he was the vice-president of the science club.


If I should die

If I should die and leave you
Be not like the others, quick undone
Who keep long vigils by the silent
dust and weep.

For my sake turn to life and smile
Nerving thy heart and trembling
hand to comfort weaker souls than thee.
Complete these unfinished tasks of mine
And I perchance may therein comfort thee.

Thomas Gray, poet, classical scholar and Cambridge don (1716 - 1771)